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Serious Crime

If you are facing or anticipating criminal allegations of fraud, you need to speak to our specialist lawyers as soon as possible in order to protect your interests.


We can provide expert representation, from initial interviews under caution through to defence in criminal proceedings before the Courts and advice on appeals.


We have a great track record of preparing robust defences and obtaining the best possible results.

Have you been charged with a serious crime and are facing a lengthy prison sentence?  Contact Qamar Solicitors who are specialist criminal defence lawyers with years of experience successfully representing clients charged with serious crimes - including where the National Crime Agency (NCA) is involved. 


We have a proven track record of success in defending individuals charged with Murder and Manslaughter and serious Drugs Offences; as well as those charged with Sexual Offences or facing charges relating to Terrorism. 


Contact us for Legal Assistance

01924 488 199

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