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Motoring Solicitors

If you are facing or anticipating criminal allegations of fraud, you need to speak to our specialist lawyers as soon as possible in order to protect your interests.


We can provide expert representation, from initial interviews under caution through to defence in criminal proceedings before the Courts and advice on appeals.


We have a great track record of preparing robust defences and obtaining the best possible results.

Whether you are found to have committed a relatively minor motoring offence or are charged with a serious motoring offence, you need swift, expert legal advice from our motoring solicitors. 

Road traffic law is in place to keep us all safe and whilst the rules are clear and easy to understand, even the most careful driver can commit a motoring offence.

The penalty for committing a motoring offence can be detrimental to your way of life, particularly if you are at risk of losing your licence which could leave you unable to work or make an income.  

Our Motoring Offence Department is headed up by an expert road traffic solicitor whose tenacious attitude and vast experience has led to Qamar Solicitors being one of the most renowned motoring solicitors in Yorkshire.

Whether you have committed a minor road traffic offence or a more serious motoring offence, you can trust that our team of experts will be there to advise you on all aspects of the law relating to the motoring offence you are charged with, and ensure your rights are fully protected.    

If you’ve been charged or expect to be charged with any motoring offence, contact us right away.

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Our Fees

Stage 1 - Initial Meeting - £120

  • Meeting in person or via telephone.

  • Obtaining and Review of papers.

  • Initial legal advice as to strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Stage 2* – First Steps - £280

  • Completion of any paperwork necessary to indicate plea at Court.

  • Communication with Court and Prosecution.

  • Consideration of DVLA record.

*Where the case is denied, it is sometimes possible to resolve the case at this stage without the necessity of attending Court.

Stage 3 – Attendance at Court – Case management hearing £300- Contested hearing £600

  • Preparation of case for court hearing

  • Attendance at Court (up to two hearings).

  • Case management hearing includes direct communication with prosecutor on face-to-face basis. (£300)

  • The case management hearing could result in resolution of the matter, or could result in the matter being listed for a contested hearing.

  • Contested hearing. This would include a trial, special reasons argument or exceptional hardship hearing. (£600)

Stage 4 – Additional Hearing - £300

In the unlikely event that any hearings are required over and above two hearings, then a fee of £300 per additional hearing is payable.

Expert Reports


Expert reports may, in certain circumstances, be necessary for the conduct of your case and these costs would be in addition to our costs; we will seek your approval for any expert costs required before any expert work is undertaken. Full payment of any expert reports will be payable prior to the expert being instructed.



Travel is not payable for any Court in West Yorkshire. If your Court is out of this area, then the fee will be charged at 45p per mile and £50ph travel.



Payments can be made by;


Cash payment.

Credit or debit card over the phone.

Payment link which, will be forwarded to you by email.

Bank transfer. 


Client account details are as follows: -

Account Name: Qamar Solicitors

Account Number: 58437260

Sort Code: 30-65-22

Ref: [your name]


Defence Costs Order


Should the matter ultimately not proceed, or you be found not guilty of the offence, then we may be able to make an application for a defence costs order from the Court. This will only be possible where the matter proceeds to an actual court hearing. Unfortunately, this would only allow us to recover some of the costs incurred in conducting your case. Such costs are awarded at legal aid rates which are significantly lower than our private client rates.


                                                Private rate/hour                    Legal aid rate/hour

Attendance                              £240                                        £54

Preparation                             £240                                        £54

Advocacy                                 £240                                        £68.27

Waiting (at Court)                   £120                                        £28.80

Travel                                      £120                                        £28.80

Letters                                     £24/item                                 £4.27/item


An administrative fee of £70.00 is required if you wish us to obtain a Defence Costs Order on your behalf.


Our Team

Your case will be run and managed by Paul Blanchard – Partner of the firm*.  He has over 20 years’ experience in criminal litigation specialising in road traffic matters. 


*If there is a conflict or Mr Blanchard is unavailable, your case may be dealt with by another qualified solicitor in his absence. 


All fees are inclusive of VAT (currently charged at 20%)  and must be paid in advance of entering each stage mentioned above. No work will be carried out until payment has been received.


Contact us for Legal Assistance

01924 488 199

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