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Terrorism Offences

If you are under investigation for suspected terrorist activities, or you are concerned you’re being monitored by the security services, contact us now for expert legal advice and assistance.  Anti-terrorist law is being increasingly used in the current climate and the criminal defence lawyers at Qamar Solicitors are highly experienced in representing clients suspected of terrorism offences.


Terrorism has a wide meaning.  A terrorist is a person concerned with instigating, preparing or committing acts of terrorism.  Being investigated for suspected terrorism can be distressing for you and your family and we will advise you expertly on your rights and what the next steps might be, and work to secure a fair trial if you are charged with an offence.


It is important to know that if you are arrested for a suspected terrorist offence, the police can detain you for up to 28 days under the Terrorism Act 2006.


Anti-terrorist law

Terrorism has increasingly been in the media and attracting public attention in recent years. – most recently against the background of so-called Islamic State in the Middle East whose terrorist campaign includes the recruitment of British nationals.


Terrorist threats over recent years have led to a raft of anti-terror laws that constantly change in response to the dangers from terrorists.   There are numerous regulations and orders giving the authorities special counter-terrorism powers, and extensive powers of surveillance and investigations, and extradition.


Many specific terrorist offences have also been created that cover a variety of conduct and activity including:

  • Hoax bomb threats

  • Public disturbances

  • Financially supporting terrorism

  • Promoting terrorism

  • Allegation of Jihadi activity


Terrorism offences

These usually involve the use or threat of action designed to influence the Government or to intimidate the public and involves either:

  • Serious violence against a person

  • Serious damage to property

  • Endangering a person's life or;

  • Creating a serious risk to the health or safety of the public

 The main offences are:


  • Directing terrorist activities

  • Being a member of terrorist organisation

  • Training others to use weapons for terorrism purposes

  • Using or poosessing an article where there is a suspicion it may be used in terrorism acts

  • Conduct that glorifies acts of terrorism


In addition, under the Terrorism Act 2000 (TACT) it is a criminal offence to finance or facilitate the financing of terrorism.   There are also legal obligations to submit Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), whatever the value of suspicious activity.


Terrorist activity is frequently cross border.  The criminal defence team at Qamar Solicitors is experienced in defending clients suspected of terrorist activity that transcends UK borders and involves other jurisdictions.

Human Rights Act 1998

It is not unusual for a suspect’s human rights under the Human Rights Act to be infringed when under investigation for alleged terrorist activity.  Where our client’s fundamental human rights are being breached we will aggressively represent you to protect your rights and those of your family – fighting to prove that the action taken is unlawful.


Control orders

A control order may also be imposed.  A control order can contain severe restrictions on the individual’s movements including electronic tagging, a curfew, restrictions on associating with others, restrictions on the use of the internet and telephone.  A control order can effectively amount to house arrest.


How can we help?

We help our clients early in an investigation, including when arrested and detained under anti-terrorism laws and if their premises are searched.   It is not unusual to have assets seized and frozen (see Restraint Orders) whilst investigations are ongoing.  We can assist you in protecting your interests and defending you where you are under suspicion of terrorist activities, challenging the use of counter-terrorist powers against you where possible.


The criminal defence lawyers at Qamar Solicitors can advise you on all aspects of the law relating to terrorism investigations and prosecutions and we will work with you to ensure your rights are fully protected.

Terrorism Offences, Terrorist


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