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Our Fees

Funding a legal case can be a huge worry however, we have the best lawyers available that can break down costs and advise you fully on all the avenues available.  

Are you being investigated for a criminal offence, or facing criminal prosecution and are concerned about how to pay for your defence? The specialist criminal defence lawyers at Qamar Solicitors are highly experienced and we are available to advise you on how to fund your case.  


All individuals are entitled to free legal advice and representation at the police station.  However, even if you’ve had the benefit of free representation early in the investigation stages, you may cease to be entitled to legal aid at later on.  This means you might have to fund your defence yourself.


Paying privately

It can take some time for a legal aid application to be processed.  It is sometimes advisable to pay privately while you await the outcome of your legal aid application so that initial witness statements can be taken while the matter is fresh; and to allow us to examine the evidence as early as possible and to consider approaching experts for their assistance in your defence.


If you are not entitled to free legal representation (or you decide to pay privately because you are likely to have to pay a contribution towards your legal aid) we are available to advise and defend you on a cost efficient basis.


We offer competitive rates and, in some instances, we can offer a fixed fee option which may cover, for example, the initial preparation of your case and representing you at trial.  We aim to ensure our estimated costs reflect your own circumstances and those of your case.  We are an experienced team of criminal defence solicitors, and we are therefore skilled at keeping our clients’ costs as low as possible without compromising their defence.


If you win

If you pay privately for your defence costs but you are acquitted (or the case is dismissed) you can apply to reclaim some or all of your defence costs from central funds.   


How can we help?

If you or a loved one is charged with a criminal offence and you need urgent information about funding your defence, contact the criminal defence lawyers at Qamar Solicitors for urgent specialist advice as to how we can help you.  Contact us as early as possible so that we can provide an estimate of the likely costs.

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