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Mobile Phone Offences

Mobile phones have become a ubiquitous part of modern life – and most of us can’t bear to be without them, whether for business or our personal lives. But if you use a mobile phone whilst driving without relying on hands-free kit to keep you safe, you are committing an offence.  The criminal defence team at Qamar Solicitors are experienced in defending clients charged with offences involving the use of a mobile device.


In some instance, you may be falsely accused of using a mobile phone whilst driving. This can readily happen because evidence is often largely merely visual, and it is more than possible for a police officer or other individual to be mistaken in thinking they see a driver using a mobile phone. If you are charged with a mobile phone offence it is important to secure the services of expert lawyers as soon as possible, in order to bring a robust defence.


Other mobile devices

You may also be charged with driving whilst using other mobile devices. These can include iPads and other tablets, iPods and other MP3 players - and even laptops.


The penalties

Although a mobile phone offence may seem comparatively minor, it can carry a serious penalty ranging from a 3 point endorsement to a fine of up to £1000 and, in some cases, higher. You can even lose your licence for up to 6 months depending on circumstances surrounding the case.


How can we help?

Being convicted of a mobile phone offence can have serious consequences for your life, and your family and your livelihood. If you lose your licence, the impact can be devastating if you’re unable to attend work. You need to ensure all the evidence being used against you is scrutinised, that every aspect of the law is understood, and that you secure lawyers who will rigorously pursue your defence. At Qamar Solicitors we have acted many times on behalf of drivers falsely accused of mobile phone offences, and will act swiftly and aggressively to ensure you do not face unfair penalties.

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