Private Rates
Magistrates Court

All our fees are inclusive of VAT

Consultation - Free

There is no charge payable for you to speak with one of our expert solicitors in an initial conference. 

Initial Fee - £180.00

The initial fee is payable on all private matters and covers a secondary consultation, opening of your file, and correspondence with the prosecuting authority.   Any matter able to be resolved by correspondence only will be covered by this payment. 

The below fees are in addition to the initial fee and do not include travel: - 

Guilty Plea or Single Hearing - £120.00
Guilty Plea with two Hearings - £240.00
Guilty Plea - Special Reasons/Exceptional Hardship - £420.00
Not Guilty Plea - Half Day Trial - £600.00
Not Guilty Plea - Full  Day Trial - £960.00

These costs must be paid prior to your first hearing and are inclusive of any and all work necessary to adequately prepare your matter, but do not include disbursements such as expert reports which may be required to conduct this matter.

Expert Reports


Expert reports may, in certain circumstances, be necessary for the conduct of your case and these costs would be in addition to our costs; we will seek your approval for any expert costs required before any expert work is undertaken. Full payment of any expert reports will be payable prior to the expert being instructed.



Travel is only payable for certain Courts and is charged at a fixed rate of £200 plus disbursements.  

Private Fees Magistrates Court


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