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Private Rates
Magistrates Court

These fees are a guide only, if your case is particularly complex and requires extensive preparation, then our fees are likely to be higher than those mentioned below. Contact us for a detailed quote.

Stage 1 - Initial Meeting - £120

  • Meeting in person or via telephone.

  • Review of papers.

  • Initial legal advice as to strengths and weaknesses of your case.


Stage 2* – First Steps - £480
  • Completion of any paperwork necessary to indicate plea at Court.

  • Communication with Court and Prosecution.


*In road traffic matters, where the case is denied, it is sometimes possible to resolve the case at this stage without the necessity of attending Court.


Stage 3 – Attendance at Court - £600
  • Attendance at Court (up to two hearings).

  • Preparation of your case.


Stage 4 – Additional Hearing - £300

In the unlikely event that any hearings are required over and above two hearings, then a fee of £300 per additional hearing is payable.


Expert Reports


Expert reports may, in certain circumstances, be necessary for the conduct of your case and these costs would be in addition to our costs; we will seek your approval for any expert costs required before any expert work is undertaken. Full payment of any expert reports will be payable prior to the expert being instructed.




Travel is not payable for any Court in West Yorkshire. If your Court is out of this area, then we will advise you of the fees involved once you are required to attend Court.

All our fees are inclusive of VAT

Private Fees Magistrates Court


Contact us for Legal Assistance

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