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Coronavirus and the Impact on the Justice System

Due to the coronavirus / COVID-19 daily life has been impacted and we have all had to adapt one way or another.

All aspects of society have suffered such as hospitals, care homes, hospitality and also the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, due to the disruptions, many Court cases have been delayed.

The Court system has done all they can to try to deal with as many cases as possible whilst still maintaining social distances and safety regulations in regard to the virus. This includes doing as many hearings remotely as possible and the government has been providing guidance to ensure the running of courts goes smoothly. However many trials have been pushed back as far as 2023 and there is great concern that trials could collapse due to the waits.

Those facing criminal charges, will have found themselves under increased pressure, worry and anxiety as their cases are taking much longer than precedented to resolve. This will obviously have a significant impact on their day to day life.

The good news is that there is an end in sight, the back log in Magistrates Court is continuing to fall and the number of resolved cases in the Crown Courts are increasing. The government have invested £110m in various measures aimed at expediting the Court process including recruiting Court staff and setting up Nightingale Courts.

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